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Making Sustainability Work

Millwater Partners helps make sustainability happen. The COVID-19 crisis has shown why this is imperative.

Our clients are part of a growing movement committed to making sustainability happen in practice, in the real world. We help them make sustainability part of their business and organisational goals, create strategic pathways towards growth, and foster solid and trusted partnerships that are key to lasting change. This includes harnessing new ways of working and virtual collaboration, to save time, energy and emissions.

We support organisations and companies to apply the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for sound investment, ethical growth, and stronger impact.

We specialise in the following SDG topics: health, water, food, energy, climate change, and equitable development.

We work with you to create practical and efficient solutions that allow you to move forward with confidence.

Vision and Mission

Most people are aware of the existential threats posed to our planet and to humanity by climate change and global inequalities. This decade is THE decade in which we need to achieve widespread, lasting change. From coronavirus to climate change, from migration to inequality, all the problems our global society is facing can be addressed if we are able manage this planet jointly and sustainably.

Our vision, shared by many, is that by 2030, the world can celebrate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals as the global paradigm for political, economic, and civil society development.

Millwater Partners’ mission is to work with clients and partners to do things differently with the end goal of sustainability in mind: by 2030, Millwater Partners will have helped 100 organisations and businesses play their part in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Everything we do during and after this crisis [Covid-19] must be with a strong focus on building more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change, and the […] global challenges we face.”

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, on the choice we will face after the COVID-19 crisis

What We Do

We all know and understand the existential threat to our planet and to humanity. This decade is THE decade for change: from Corona virus to climate change, from poverty to migration, all the aspects of human life show that we need to manage this planet jointly and sustainably. 

SDG Strategy Creation & Monitoring

We work with you to develop ways your organisation or company can engage fruitfully with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Remote Decision-Making

We prepare and support Boards and Senior Management Teams in effective decision-making processes that will happen increasingly in remote settings.

Programme & Project Development

From proposal to evaluation, we focus on meaningful projects with our clients and partners that make a tangible difference.

Campaigning & Policy Design

We help you achieve workable policy solutions and winning campaigns.

Our current work and interests include cooperation between Africa and Europe, Universal Health Coverage and equity in Europe, Asia and Africa, and financing clean energy solutions.

Our Work

Furthering cooperation between African and European SMEs, with regard to sectors water, energy, and food (Africa/EU), especially in contect with the Corona response

Building a European strategy for a multi-stakeholder partnership on equitable access (Brussels/EU)
Advising companies and organisations committed to engaging and partnering with patients (Europe/North America)
Participating in the development of a Handbook for Healthcare Professionals and a world-wide Executive Training Programme (France, and UK)
Convening, hosting, and facilitating a global dialogue of non-conservation experts to identify new and unusual practices for conservation success (Switzerland/global)
We partner with the Renewable Energy Academy, situated in Berlin, Germany and operating worldwide, to promote existing online and face-to-face trainings on green energy finance.


The Partnership consists of two Founding Partners / Owners and a host of close partners in our network across five continents.

Martin Hiller is the international lead for progressive business development and sustainable investment.

Nicola Bedlington is the international lead for health, social policy, and multi-stakeholder engagement.

The Founding Partners

Nicola Bedlington

Founding Partner & Director

Martin Hiller

Founding Partner & Director

Maria van Veldhuizen

Associate Partner

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